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Packages  -  minimum  - 30 adults  or  $720 total


Base Package   -  $24 per person 


This includes garlic and herb bread on arrival , we will serve up to 6 different main pizzas - all unlimited -  your choice of course  and then we will finish with dessert pizzas - 3 different types as well as  Fresh Lavazza Espresso Coffee and Schweppes soft drinks 

We will supply your pizza chef and one of our professional waitstaff in this base package , depending on the amount of guests determines how many staff we will provide at no extra cost to you .


Kids Packages   -    3 to 12  -  $11


Kids Pizza Party   AND  STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAYS  -  make your own pizza 


  -  This will include our pizza chef teaching your kids and staff how to roll and make their very own pizza 


Perfect for those special kids partys as well as team building for your work place


Alcohol Package   

  -   This will determine on how many people the function is for .

 to utelise our keg system we will supply a bartender with a current RSA certificate to comply with NSW law . This will be at your cost which can be worked out prior to the event .

We can not supply you with alcohol but my staff can serve your alcohol and monitor consumption to comply with current RSA law .

This means you can have your favourite tap beer served wherever the event is , anywhere - anytime


Sides Package

 -   This can be worked out depending on amount of people in attendance rather than charging a per person charge we will charge per side required 


       Pork Ribs

       Honey and soy chicken wings